Selling my 1996 Unimog 2450L38. This mog was modified by TwinDisc in Racine, Washington to have a six-speed automatic transmission. They were trying to win the US Army contract, and built three like this. They did not win that contract, but they did sell about twenty of them to the German military. There is very complete documentation in English and in German for operating and servicing these units.

The truck has about 37,000 miles on it, and is in excellent condition. The cab was professionally repainted, and the platform was stripped, zinc-coated, powder-coated, and rhino-lined.

Capable of 83mph if you have tires rated for that speed. Otherwise, it's quiet and smooth at 65mph. The transmission has an off-road mode which makes it more assertive and uses 3rd gear more. If you enable the engine brake on the Mercedes engine, the transmission will shift down with it. With the engine brake off, it's about as smooth as a large diesel pick-up.

Photos at Smugmug. Browse around, there's a ton.

Walk-around video on Youtube


Basic stats on the truck itself:

Mercedes U2450L38 - 437.136 series

Wheelbase - 3.85m

Weight - 15,520 lbs (with spare rim and tire, without winch)

Engine - 240 H.P. 6L in-line 6 cylinder, turbo, intercooled. 356-980 series, Euro II. 

Rims - Lemmerz 10.00V-20 (split rims - easy to change tires unassisted)

Tires - 395/85 R20 Michelin XL, one spare.

Axle Ratio - 7.53 total. Portals are 38:14 and diff is 25:9

Platform - Approx 14ft x 7ft

Transmission - TwinDisc TD-61-1002 six speed with 8-MLW-1414-3 Torque Converter and lockup.

6th gear - 0.571 overdrive (allows 64mph at only 2,000rpm)

5th gear - 0.891 overdrive

Mercedes U2450L technical data

Mercedes EPC Datacard

Mercedes factory card

Twindisc Service Manual (it's 142MB, so don't click this unless you really want it)

Twindisc circuit diagram

Mercedes Twindisc service manual (German)


The following items have been added:

Winch - Werner F.70 2H HW with 90m of 13mm steel cable. Rated 5,123 DaN. Photos of restoration.

Winch control - Sauer PVG-32 electric proportional solenoid valve operated by Warn wireless remote, or normal Warn wired hand controller. Also manual control on the winch. Pressure test ports and gauge included.

Hydraulic system - Single-circuit. Mercedes tank, pump, hoses, fittings.

Air Conditioning - Greentop GmbH.

Windows - Tinted glass for solar reduction. David Dunn manufactured and installed.

Insulation - New Mercedes cab floor pads.  Dynamat sound insulation, fiberglass heat insulation, on floor of cab and firewall.

Tail Lights - Housings from Unimog U500. LED modules installed.



 Located in Julian, California.